Patrick Delabie

You might know Patrick Delabie of Studio 195 from his work with Dead Stop, Restless Youth, Justice, True Colors and more.


Meet Isolation the new German band on the block taking cues from 80’s NY hardcore. Vocalist Acki introduces the band.

Tenement Kids – s/t

Loved this band when they still played straight up punk rock and I love them now they ‘re playing rock and roll how I like it. With an edge & lots of soul.

Whips/Chains joins Deathwish

Whips/Chains, featuring Ryan Patterson (Coliseum), Ben Sears (Black God), and Will Allard (Xerxes) joins Deathwish Inc.

# Hardcore Zine

# Hardcore looks like it came out in 2004/2005. The love for hardcore and zines oozes out of every page.

Mind Rot Records

Mind Rot Records was created by two brother with a DIY mentality and a desire to help some friends and put out records.


[img][/img] [b] SURPRISE 045 | MOTHER’S CHILDREN – LEMON LP[/b] [i]From the mean sour streets of Ottawa, Canada comes the second full length of MOTHER’S CHILDREN aptly entitled: LEMON! 12 new tracks of stompy and glammy powerpop with that old wham-a-lam-bam-thanks-ma’am attitude that we’re used to from those four mouseketeers. Get your fix of Vitamin … Continue reading MOTHER'S CHILDREN – LEMON LP and NO PROBLEM – ALREADY DEAD LP out now!

Lewis Dimmick

After reading Lewis Dimmick’s – “This Music” Pim was curious about the man who wrote it. So he send him some questions.

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now playing: taking over – thrash clash split with phantom witch this should be classic, but I hear no one about this.