Unveil – A Flame With Nothing To Feed On

I expected Unveil’s new songs to be good, but I didn’t expect them to make a really great LP altogether. With such a debut LP, Unveil clearly has the potential to become one of the heavyweights of European hardcore.

2012 according to SWNK

Thanks for the support in 2012 people. Before we’re entering 2013 we would like to look back a final time. Time for the infamous yearlists again!

2013 according to SWNK

2013 is almost over, time to look back before we all dive feet first into the new year.

Sparrow Falls

Sparrow Falls tell us all about their acoustic tours, ARC and answer a couple of silly questions.

No Turning Back

No Turning Back exists for 15 years. Martijn looks back on world tours, the argument with MAD and tells us what’s in store for 2012.


Interview with Chris Mahon Bang Bros from Dublin. The dude is all about getting low, Irish hardcore, LOC and Chino pants.


Dying youth is the impressive debut EP by Czech band Hopes. Time to let Hopes explain how they will conquer not only Czech stages.


A debut EP like Train Wrecks should be enough to get you interested in the folks behind the music, shouldn’t it? Time to introduce you to Habits.

Hardcore Headlines

An interview with the newest hype in hardcore twitterland. Find out more about the guys from Hardcore Headlines.


Has the edge gone dull? It seems like in the Netherlands it has, but luckily there’s hope. Time to introduce Echoes, a new ‘all-star’ band.

Sweet Empire

Guitarist Jort and vocalist Rowald take us into the world of anarchy, acoustic festivals and coffee mugs. ‘We’re not planning a lawsuit against Groezrock’

Basement – colourmeinkindness

Basement unleashes their swan song onto the world and hearing it we know a good band is lost to us but a new day brings a new sound.

No More Art

As I really enjoyed No More Art’s debut album “The Sorrows of Youth”, I decided to give them a call and see what’s up. Will Kinser, the band’s main songwriter and guitar player was kind enough to answer a couple of questions. Let’s start with an easy question: who is No More Art? Well, NMA … Continue reading No More Art