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Play guitar in Irish Hardcore band 20 Bulls each Originally from the Uk, so lucky i found these guys

Michael McGrane

The man behind the cover artwork of that Supertouch 7″ in your collection. As a bonus you’ll get some old, unseen Supertouch photos.

Need some help…

Hi guys, Im the guitarst from 20 Bulls Each and Irish hardcore band. No ive seen a few posts but nothing too direct. We are looking to do our first european tour in the new year but are finding it difficult to find some promoters. So just wondering if anyone can help out and perhaps … Continue reading Need some help…


Yo, got these cd’s for sale!! get in touch! 25 ta life – Keepin’ it real 4 AM Program – Move on 4 AM Program – S/T AC/DC – Back in black Adicts, The – Songs of praise Agnostic front – Riot, riot upstart Animals, The – The best of Anti-Heros – 1000 nights of … Continue reading CD's SALE-KOOPJES-RABAT

Combined Fragments, Embrace The Day & Make It Last (Last show in current lineup)

COMBINED FRAGMENTS Combined Fragments is solid groovy metalcore, influenced by various styles of loud metal music. Their aim is to create a one-of-a-kind sound and performance that will leave a powerful impression on the audience. The songs are characterized by catchy melodies, combined with devastating and rhythmic guitar riffs. Http:// EMBRACE THE DAY Embrace The … Continue reading Combined Fragments, Embrace The Day & Make It Last (Last show in current lineup)


Amsterdam Beat Club en Duycker organiseren een avond met o.a. The KIK! Verwacht een unbeat-able cocktail van de beste vintage muziek. Greasy Soul, Swingin’ Sixties Sounds, Rhythm β€˜n Blues, Horny-Hammond- Jazz, Beat, Twist A-GoGo, 60’s Garage, Psych, YΓ©YΓ©, Steaming Ska, Exotica, Rock ‘n Jive, en Cool Cover versions! Line-up: – The Kik – Scopi-Tonics – … Continue reading AMSTERDAM BEATCLUB – THE KIK

Born From Pain, 108, Agnostic Front, Guns Up!, Human Demise and more for sale

Send an e-mail to with your requests and we’ll work something out. cd’s 108 – 18.61 357 String Band – Lightning From The North ( sealed ) 65daysofstatic – We Were Exploding Anyway = verkocht 7 Angels 7 Plagues – Until The Day Breathes And The Shadows Flee A Day To Remmeber – Homesick … Continue reading Born From Pain, 108, Agnostic Front, Guns Up!, Human Demise and more for sale

30-04: Queensday Festival 2013, Venlo

On [b]April 30th[/b] the following bands will make their appearance at the [b]Queensday Festival[/b] in and around [b]Perron 55, Venlo[/b]. Tickets are for sale at [url=][/url] and doors open at 13:00. [b]RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS, THE FLATLINERS, LARRY AND HIS FLASK, SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB, SMOKE OR FIRE, OLD MAN MARKLEY, TRAUMAHELIKOPTER, THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE, NÜ … Continue reading 30-04: Queensday Festival 2013, Venlo

Che – Sounds of liberation CD Chrome Locust – s/t CD Clutch – From Beale street to oblivion CD Dozer – Through the eyes of heathens CD Gonzalez – s/t CD The Quill – Voodoo caravan CD Unida vs Dozer – double EP CD Unida – Coping with the urban coyote CD


Sometimes you hear a band and it just clicks. Everything making total sense upon the first listen.

Agent Of The Morai β€Žβ€“ Left With Nothing But Their Eyes To Weep With 12″ Faith β€Žβ€“ Subject To Change Plus First Demo 12″ Molehill β€Žβ€“ 1000 Miles Regret 12″ Cruevo / Brainoil β€Žβ€“ Split CD Leech – Zerotonine Days Leech – Soundtrack To An Individual Emotion Picture Mindmovie Leech – If We Get There … Continue reading

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[quote]Demolka (Poland) – electro punk with sci-fi related lyrics – – digtal copy (haha this is pretty terrible) Irish Handcuffs – 3 piece punkrock – actual copy The Locust – Molecular Genetics From The Cold Standard Labs CD – 44 track compilation [/quote] I’d like to do these 3 as well.

[quote=Dennis]Weezer – Pinkerton CD[/quote] So damn good. Bought a lot the last few weeks: Zeke – ‘Til The Livin’ End CD Voodoo Glow Skulls – Who Is, This Is? CD Sunpower – Concrete Blues 12″ (red & orange version) Cursed – One LP Tigers Jaw – Charmer LP Project X – SxE Revenge 7″ Fucked … Continue reading