H2O – Don’t Forget Your Roots

Don’t Forget Your Roots isn’t a record that will change the hardcore or punk scene. But it might be that one record that makes a younger generation check out bands like Embrace, Dag Nasty and 7 Seconds.

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Anyone wants to do a showreview / interview at any of those Agnostic Front / Madball shows? [b]AGNOSTIC FRONT[/b] 22.11. D Leipzig – Conne Island 23.11. NL Eindhoven – Speedfest 24.11. D Trier – Ex Haus 25.11. D Schwäbisch Hall – Kantine 26 26.11. CH Aarau – Kiff 27.11. F Luynes – Korrigan 28.11. E … Continue reading Reply To: Shows – any takers?

Joseph Pugsy Casolaro

Social Decay are back and working on a new album, time to have a talk with singer Pugsy!

Questions – Out of Society European/Russian Summer Tour' 13

Questions, brazilian hardcore band based in São Paulo, will be touring Europe and Russia for the fourth time in july/august! They also released 2 brandnew songs from the upcoming ep Out of Society, featuring [b]Andrew Kline (STRIFE)[/b] and [b]Nick Jett (TERROR)[/b] that joined them on the track [b]”We are not alone”.[/b] [b]Check out the songs:[/b] … Continue reading Questions – Out of Society European/Russian Summer Tour' 13

Soul Power

Soul Power, a fairly new groovy metallic hardcore band from the Netherlands.

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[quote=Pim]Didn’t some ‘gabber’ hardcore act use that image as well? [/quote] Probably, hahaha. They stole EVERYTHING. 😛 There’s a Thunderdome track that samples Madball’s Hardcore Still Lives on one of those compilations. And oh look, here’s DJ Rob Gee having some Urban Discipline swag! (and Beastie Boys as well) [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWhOSDjyDLQ[/youtube]

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New stuff ready to go: – General Lee (France) – metal/metalcore – http://wearegl.bandcamp.com – digital copy available – Apa State Mental – Apa valley – punk – Third studio album from this Swedish band – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Apa-State-Mental/74866909089 – actual copy available (As with everything if you want to receive an actual copy of the release but … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

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A promoter can, in most cases, easily find out how long a band’s set aprox. is….. 15-20 minutes is totally normal for hardcore, unless it’s something huge like SOIA or Madball or whatever, i don’t know what to say…..i’s rather leave a show wanting more, than have a band play too long/lose energy. Guess it’s … Continue reading Reply To: Short sets trend

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agnostic front – something’s gotta give. madball – hold it down. terror – one with the underdogs. flogging molly – speed of darkness.