Graanrepubliek uitverkoop (Vogue, Deep Sleep etc)

Lijst met lp’s in de sale weer ge update. Check de website voor de rest van de items op bestellen: graanrepubliek.records at gmail dot com GEEN PM Sale: 12″/lp A.I. Discography €5 (Purepainsugar) Antillectual Testimony €4 (Shield) Asedio s/t €3 (Contraszt) Autistic Youth Idle Minds €5 (Sabotage) Bernays Propaganda – My Personal Holiday €4 … Continue reading Graanrepubliek uitverkoop (Vogue, Deep Sleep etc)


UPDATED THE LIST(13 March 2015) Do you want something send a email or order through discogs: (*)Items that are in new/unplayed state. (EVERYTHING IS ON DISCOGS) TESTPRESSINGS: ANTHRAX: BRING THE NOISE(12inch)island records(TESTPRESSING)(1991) CREATURES: S/T(7inch)collapse? records(TESTPRESSING # 2/3) M.O.D.: SURFIN’ M.O.D.(12inch)caroline records(TESTPRESSING)(electrosound labels) (*)THIRTY-TWO FRAMES: S/T(12inch)rise/revelation records #105(TESTPRESSING #7/32) (V/A)FROM THE MEGAVAULT: COMP.(comp.12inch)megaforce records(TESTPRESSING)(only ? … Continue reading UPDATE 21(SELLING A BIG PART OF MY COLLECTION)

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My most recent addiction: Office of Future Plans Lp on Dischord. J. Robbins’ (of Jawbox) latest band. Really good post-punk/indie record in my opinion. Also today: Texas is the Reason – Do you know who you are? + S/t 7″. Currently spinning Revelation Records’ ‘In-Flight Program’ compilation for old times sake (jeugdsentiment!) That Shades Apart … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

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Best releases (in no particular order and I will probably forget some) 1. The Devil’s Blood – The Thousandfold Epicentre 2. True Widows – As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Centre To The Circumference Of The Earth 3. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Belong 4. The Black Keys – … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists

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Alright, here’s what’s new. It’s a lot and there’s a couple of real gems hidden in this pile, so take your pick! • Up River – undertow – FFO: More Than Life, Defeater, Goodtime Boys, Touche Amore…. (digital) • BLISTERED “SOUL EROSION” EP – FOR FANS OF: Disembodied, Incendiary, Morning Again (digital) • … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

EPIDEMIC RECORDS E-STORE: February 2016 Update

[color=red][u][b]New arrivals at Epidemic Records E-store in the last month![/b][/u][/color] Keep an eye on our Facebook page: frequent updates and a lot of new items are on their way! [url][/url] [url][/url] Here’s what’s new this month! Hardcore, metalcore, blackened hardcore / crust, metal/instrumental/sludge… and a huge load of Oi!, Street Punk and Punk Rock! Also, … Continue reading EPIDEMIC RECORDS E-STORE: February 2016 Update

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appollonia – crimson shades (addicted to this album this week) gillian welch – time (the revelator) gillian welch – the harrow, the harvest

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Yesterday bikeride: J. Mascis – Several Shades of Why. (The evidence that J.Mascis don’t need four Marsshall stacks) On the way back: Katatonia – Night is the New Day. (Rain during summertime needs some melancholia)

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the kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble – from the stairwell mono – hymn to the immortal wind appollonia – crimson shades amorphis – the beginning of time war from a harlots mouth – voyeur