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Heartsounds signs to Flix Records

Bay Area punk rock group Heartsounds will release their third full-length album, Internal Eyes, on October 18th via Flix Records.


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@Rold: They sound a lot like UNBROKEN meets TRIAL meets early EARTH CRISIS. they put out a demo + two 7inch so far, and their LP is gonna be out on Cobra and Catalyst records http://xunveilx.com/songs/

Catalyst records on Bandcamp

[url=http://catalystrecords.bandcamp.com/]Catalyst records at Bandcamp[/url] This is pretty cool. They, or rather he, will be adding two releases each week and plan to put their whole catalogue available for download with “Name your price” -type of deal.

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Got a few records on my trip to the UK this past weekend (All Ages in Camden, London still roxxx, but kept purchases there to a minimum) and waiting for me at home when I returned yesterday, including 2 Groundwork ‘Living In Fear’ 7″s (different covers than that of the one I already had), Catharsis … Continue reading Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)