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This Is Hell – Sundowning Four Year Strong – Stuck in the middle Champion – Different Directions The Suicide File – Some mistakes you never stop paying for Far – Water & Solution Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning Allegiance – Allegiance Bitter End – Guilty as charged 50 Lions – Time is the enemy Wisdom … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

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All For Nothing – To Live And Die For Wisdom in Chains – The Missing Links

7"FS : Alert, Backtrack, Risky Business, Deal With It…

[b][url][/url][/b] [b]A bunch of second hand records for sale on Straight & Alert:[/b] [url][/url] [i]Because of the limited number of each record available, it’s first-come first-served. Orders on [b][url][/url][/b] take precedence over reservations by email at[/i] [u][b]7″[/b][/u] Alert – Demo ’08 / (black / 200) LIFE TO LIVE Alert – Demo ’08 / (clear … Continue reading 7"FS : Alert, Backtrack, Risky Business, Deal With It…

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Wasted Bullet – Arrogance. Ignorance. Wisdom in Chains – The Missing Links Knuckledust – Bluffs, Lies & Alibis

Groezrock 2014

So did you guys went to Groezrock this year? My highlights: ++++ Cro-Mags: a lot of energy, great show. Just too bad they only play Age of Quarrel and not a few songs from Alpha Omega, but hey, I listen to this album at least every month so… +++ Judge: A bit like Floorpunch. Not … Continue reading Groezrock 2014

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1. Wasted Bullet – Arrogance. Ignorance. 2. Teenage Bottlerocket – Freak Out! 3. Wisdom In Chains – The Missing Links 4. Murderburgers – How To Ruin Your Life 6. Apologies, I Have None – London 7. Make Do And Mend – Everything You Ever Loved 6. Lies! – Nineties 8. Obey The Brave – Young … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists

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[b] Just arrived at Straight & Alert:[/b] [url=][/url] [u][b]7″[/b][/u] Twitching Tongues – Preacher Man Converge / Napalm Death – Split Clear – Demo Wolf Whistle – MA Glory Agitator – Walls Closing In Broken Teeth – Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked Cold World / War Hungry – Split True Colors – Considere It Done … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

Devil In Me joins GSR

Portugal’s Devil In Me joins GSR. A new record produced by Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld will be released soon.