Homelife full-length Translation out now

2012-05-16 09:54 in News by Pim

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We already posted about this record when the pre-orders went up but Homelife is excited to announce their debut full-length, Translation, is available today from Black Numbers and Bermuda Mohawk. For a limited time, Translation is being offered for a Pay-What-You-Want Download here.

You can listen to a couple of songs below or check the full stream at punknews.org:

The 12″ vinyl for Homelife’s Translation is limited to 500 on black vinyl and is available for order now.

While the members’ hardcore background is still on display in some aspects of Translation (most of the songs clock-in the 2:30 range and sound best played LOUD), the sparkling and sharply-cut dynamics on display have set the ideal background for Weston’s unique delivery and lyrics that throwback to the sincerity of 90’s favorites such as Jawbreaker, Knapsack (whom the band covers here), and The Promise Ring.

Translation follows up Homelife’s 2011 split with Bike Tuff as well as their 2009 Demo. Both can be downloaded for free here.


Band Homelife

Source Black Numbers

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