AFI post mysterious teaser video

2013-04-18 09:21 in News by Just Killing Time

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AFI have updated their official website by posting a mysterious teaser video, showing singer Davey Havok walking down a hall way to an ominous sound scape and a strange poem. The end title reads September 2013, a possible release date for a new album? It would be the first new music by the band since 2009’s Crash Love.

The bands website and Facebook page have been changed to a darker theme (including various strange symbols) and Davey appears to be actually screaming into the mic at the end of the video. Could this be a return to the heavier AFI of days gone by? We can only speculate.

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Band AFI


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  1. xroldx said on 2013-04-18

    I’ve been listening to a lot of AFI lately. Black Sails is my current favorite record but Crash Love is pretty great as well. I still think Decemberunderground is the weakest AFI record so far.

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