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The No Turning Back tape sleeve is black with orange letters. The Union Town tape is black/white with black letters. The tape itself is white. The True Colors tape has a black/white outer sleeve and green innersleeve! Let me know if that is what you’re looking for!


Voor foto’s: pm Dit is een klein gedeelte van mijn collectie. 7″ / demotapes en shirts volgen nog! SPREAD THE WORD Abusive Action Abusive Action Pre-release edition 124/150 Black Agnostic Front Cause For Alarm Rough Justice 1986 (1st press) Black Amen Ra Mass IIII Blindfolded Black Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill Black Beastie Boys Ill … Continue reading Recordsale

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Boris – Demo Vol. 3 12″ Negative Approach – Nothing Will Stand In Our Way 12″ Sleep – Denver Colorado 09.05.10 12″ Stars Of The Lid‎– The Ballasted Orchestra 2×12″ Earthless – Sonic Prayer Jam Weedeater – Jason the Dragon Slapshot – Step On It/Back on the Map Slapshot – Sudden Death Overtime Slapshot – … Continue reading Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)

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[b] Just arrived at Straight & Alert:[/b] [url=][/url] [u][b]7″[/b][/u] Twitching Tongues – Preacher Man Converge / Napalm Death – Split Clear – Demo Wolf Whistle – MA Glory Agitator – Walls Closing In Broken Teeth – Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked Cold World / War Hungry – Split True Colors – Considere It Done … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

New Morality

New Morality has been around for quite some time and with the new record out, I thought it was time to have a little chat with Jonne, to see what’s up.

Of course I’m going to write something about the secret Slapshot show in Goes yesterday. I just have to gather my thoughts a bit, because this was something I can still hardly wrap my head around. 3 months in the making, nearly a 100 people chipping in to get Slapshot to fly in for a … Continue reading