Vegetarian Shoes for sale!

Veggie Shoes have come a long way since first started in 1990. The shoes are made in Portugal and made without any animal procucts, the shoes are completely Vegetarian/Vegan made. The Veggie sneakers are now available thru Crucial Response Mailorder. Here is what we have in stock now: Airseal 14 eye Boot (Black) As with … Continue reading Vegetarian Shoes for sale!

Sparrow Falls

Sparrow Falls tell us all about their acoustic tours, ARC and answer a couple of silly questions.

Infernöh – War Tjard

If you like Mob 47 and d-beat scandicore like Frigöra, Krigshot or the more blackened crust like Hotbild – you’ll probably dig this too.

The Dark Carnival Prt. IV


Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

You’ve all got messages 😉 And here’s some new stuff: [b]New stuff[/b] – IRRATIONAL ACT EP – hardcore skate punk – – actual / digital copy – FONIJA / CULTURE DEVELOPMENT – “Magla” split – digital copy – VALES – “Wilt & Rise” (6131 / FITA Records) – FFO: Touché Amoré, Pianos Become The … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Hysterese – s/t – LP Neighborhood Brats – Recovery – LP No Problem – already dead – LP Piss Test – Biggest band in Europe – LP Sunpower – concrete blues – LP Terrible Feelings – backwoods – EP Terrible Feelings – blank heads – EP Terrible Feelings – impending doom – EP

Reply To: Yearlists anyone?

Great records: Royal Headache – s/t Ralph Stanley – A Mother’s Prayer Dwarves – Are Born Again Dale Watson – The Sun Sessions Steve Earle – I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive Bäddat För Trubbel – Det Här Är Inte New York Crazy Arm – Union City Breath Night Birds – The Other … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists anyone?

Reply To: Graanrepubliek Update: Bismuth/Undersmile split lp pre order!

Some kind words from No Clean Singing From out of the blackest pits of Groningen in The Netherlands, Tartarus Records will be co-releasing, along with Graanrepubliek Records and At War With False Noise, a split by two UK bands who deserve more exposure: Bismuth (from Nottingham) and Undersmile (from Witney). Each band contributes a single … Continue reading Reply To: Graanrepubliek Update: Bismuth/Undersmile split lp pre order!

Moving to another country = selling all of my bandshirts (+140, lots of OGs)

I decided to try and sell my t-shirts, as I could definitely use the space and money. It’s mostly hardcore. Some bootlegs, some low-value shirts, but also some (hopefully) highly sought after OGs (Chain, INSTED, GB, TFS). I’ll box whatever I don’t sell from September 2, so please email me your offers before then (cescowillemse/gmail). … Continue reading Moving to another country = selling all of my bandshirts (+140, lots of OGs)

Hell yeah!!!! Sonic Poison – s/t – hardcore (members of Sheer Terror, Deathcycle, The Casualties, Disnihil, and Concrete Cross) – – digital