Jonah Jenkins

Only Living Witness, Miltown, Milligram and Raw Radar War. Or maybe you’ve heard his guest vocals on the “No Heroes” Converge record?

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[youtube]ErexVrHrM34[/youtube] Of those 16288 views, I wouldn’t be surprised if atleast 300 are mine haha. Jonah Jenkins I think it was Kudel who did send me Prone Mortal Form by Only Living Witness on MSN some years ago. Fell in love with it instantly. Since then that band has been on heavy rotation (actually not … Continue reading Reply To: Only living witness

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haha, Pim’s constant begging definitely helped! Fact is, that it’s one of those releases we did that I’m really proud of. Music is SO good. One of the most underrated bands in hardcore/metal.

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Thanks for information. Yes, I was talking about the “test recording”. Really like that instrumental track. Sorry, with those songs you want to find I can’t help you. I just have the 1990 demo with 4 songs.

Only Living Witness 1992 demo

Pim, what do you know about that demo? This was just a promo? Thanks! I thought I ask you because you are a big fan.