Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – s/t

This 8 song record, written and recorded by former Nakatomi Plaza frontman Oscar Albis Rodriguez, takes listeners on a trip while not straying to far from a familiar indie-punk sound.

Refused Cover – Ash is a Robot

Hi! My band “Ash is a Robot” did a cover of a song by Refused, one of our favorite bands. Hope you like it! [url= ]Refused Party Program[/url] [url=]Free Download[/url] If you like please share the band and the song. =) [url=]Ash is a Robot – Facebook[/url]

Polar Bear Club

Jimmy Stadt from Polar Bear Club talks about the latest record, acting, Snapcase and coming to Europe.

Ghost Mice + Lawine

GHOST MICE is a first wave FOLK-PUNK band from Bloomington Indiana and Paris France. We are Chris Clavin (Guitar), Hannah (violin) and Pascaloo (Various). no gods, no managers. LAWINE is a second wave Anarcho-Screamo Punk band from Nijmegen, Amsterdam and Arnhem. Featuring members of Landverraad, Sloth and Antillectual. First LP is out, first … Continue reading Ghost Mice + Lawine

Ash is a Robot – Post Hardcore

[img][/img] Hi guys! Check out my band “Ash is a Robot”!! We’re releasing our first record “Self Titled” in September and we’ll be touring Europe in that same month. Facebook: [url][/url] BandCamp: [url][/url] The first video/single “Ariadne”: [youtube][/youtube] The second video/single “Karma Never Sleeps”: [youtube][/youtube] “Self Titled” Album Sampler: [youtube][/youtube] Please comment, share… =) Thanks!