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Been listening to the Foo Fighters – s/t today. So good! Started to think of what a Foo Fighters Best Of should look like, came up with this: [img][/img]

Oneida / Teeth of the Sea – Split 7″ Hey Colossus – In Black and Gold 12″ Pharaoh Overlord – 6000 km/u 12″ Mothertrucker – The Power of Independent Trucking tape Follakzoid – III Foo Fighters – Greatest Hits Hemdale – Rad Jackson Hey Colossus – RRR Hey Colossus – Happy Birthday Hey Colossus – … Continue reading

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Got up, showered while listening to the Foo Fighters song ‘Bridges Burning’, love that song. Got dressed, ate something quickly, rode my bike to work, found an error in my Finances excel sheet which plussed the company’s result with 20K, which made the boss happy. Now I’m going to get some more cappucino 😉

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Right Idea – The Right Way Morrissey – Beethoven Was Deaf Trial – Are These Our Lives Paint It Black – Paradise Praise – Two Songs Side By Side – You’re Only Young Once Foo Fighters – Wasting Light True Colors – Rush Of Hope

Nikoo ‎– Funsports tape Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

The other 50 mails will have to wait untill I have found more time… But I can offer this already: We had a deal – Counting leaves – screamo/hardcore – – digital Bleak – Bleak – sludgy metal – – digital Assault & Battery/DDC – split – OI! – digital Ze grant zeft … Continue reading

Watertank – Sleepwalk

Watertank was Sleepwalking for ten years and then released an album that is dazzling from start to finish.

Brotherhood – Till Death

Brotherhood’s Till Death is an iconic record and the new reissue is a great addition to your collection.

Basement – colourmeinkindness

Basement unleashes their swan song onto the world and hearing it we know a good band is lost to us but a new day brings a new sound.

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and here’s a bunch of new review requests: Desolate sons – Leave your nest – modern hardcore – – digital Terry Green – Visiting hours – For fans of early Alexisonfire, Frameworks, Pianos Become The Teeth – – digital Cassavetes – Oh so long – FFO: Sugar, Husker Du, Foo Fighters, Dinosaur Jr. … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

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Årabrot‎ / Okkultokrati – Split 12″ Les Fragments De La Nuit‎– Musique Du Crépuscule 12″ Jack And The Bearded Fishermen‎– Hunting Isn’t Easy When Dogs Become Wolves 12″ Klaus Schulze – Dune 12″ The Barnhouse Effect – The Barnhouse Effect Foo Fighters – Long Road to Ruin Justin K. Broadrick / Andy Hawkins:Azonic – Subsonic … Continue reading Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)