Ceremony – Zoo

Forget anything you know about Ceremony, because Zoo is nothing you’d expect it to be. Ceremony has broadened their horizon and it turned out quite well.

Another new Ceremony video

Ceremony have released a video for their song “World Blue.” The song will appear on their forthcoming full-length, Zoo.

This Routine Is Hell

Singer Noam talks about the struggle of creating Repent. Repeat, the ideas behind the record, the new found urgency and the recording plans with Kurt Ballou.

Plagues – s/t

I have no complaints about Plagues and neither should anyone who likes Ceremony, Trash Talk as well as older powerviolence stuff like Charles Bronson and Dropdead.

The 10 bands to watch at Groezrock

We’re roughly a week away from Europe’s biggest punk and hardcore festival. With the addition of a new stage a guide to which bands you must check out might be reasonable.

2015 according to SWNK

2015 is over. Browse through our yearlists and be ready to discover some great albums…

Loma Prieta joins Deathwish Records

For the band’s Deathwish debut, Loma Prieta worked with Jack Shirley (Atomic Garden Studio) again to tape 12 intensely emotional songs.

LEMURIA South East Asia Tour 2014

I sipped my wine through a plastic bag as people pass by during the show that I went to a few months ago. This is how we drink traditional wine in Jakarta.

Unbroken European tour winter ’94-’95

Unbroken toured Europe for the first time during the winter of ’94-’95. It was cold and all members of the band got ill. What impact did they made on the European hardcore kids around. They share their story here.