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New stuff (as always I already filtered out some stuff): – Clave H (Chile) – “Influenced mainly by hardcore, metal, southern rock, and punk. we consider our music to be somewhat similar to bands like: Refused, Snapcase, Cancer Bats, Gallows, Every Time i Die.” Let me know if you’re interested in anything of the … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

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New stuff: – The Lowest – – – Heavy metalcore from Poland. If you’re into this kinda thing I don’t think it’s that bad actually? Digital copy available, since there’s no actual copy in existence. They have no label. – Cancer Bats – Dead Set On Living. Digital copy. – Light Years – … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Jera on Air 2013

A great, heavy, dusty day in the sun with a mini-Groezrock vibe.

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[quote=Just Killing Time][quote=cc]I hate the name ‘cancer bats’ because i dont like the word cancer. [/quote] You do know a cancer bat is an actual animal, right?[/quote] Apperantly, I’m wrong. It’s not an animal at all. The wiki states they just thought it was cool to combine a disease with an animal. That’s just stupid.

You all know the drill… Bats out – Flying blind EP – streetpunk – digital Counting coins – Don’t look down – Ska punk – – digital Nishe – Lose control – Indie rock – – digital Chuggaboom – Zodiac arrest – spoof metalcore – – digital Pigs – wronger – featuring … Continue reading