Accept The Change

After reviewing their debut record, Rold still had some unanswered questions. He approached guitarplayer Jasper to answer them.

Accept The Change join Assault Records

Belgium’s up and coming Accept The Change announced that they’re joining Assault Records and their 12″ ‘Escapism Is A Dying Art’ will be released this fall.

Emile Mutsaers

An in-depth talk with Emile Mutsaers, about his band State Of Mind, him being a teacher, changes in the world and lots more.


Andy Norton of Praise talks about his former band Champion, his present band Praise and dealing with daily life and news.

Ronald Boorsma

A lengthy talk with the man behind Not Just Words Records about politics, education, fireworks, hardcore. About life.

El Camino Car Crash

Rold loved their demo, Henry said I needed to interview them. Who am I to argue? Meet El Camino Car Crash from Austria.

The Homeless

Belgium just keeps on being a breeding ground for some of the best European hardcore bands. A new generation is coming up and The Homeless are one of them.

René Natzel

Pim finally had a lenghty chat with RenĂ© about World Collapse, True Blue, hardcore, life and ninja’s.

This Routine Is Hell

Singer Noam talks about the struggle of creating Repent. Repeat, the ideas behind the record, the new found urgency and the recording plans with Kurt Ballou.

Patrick Delabie

You might know Patrick Delabie of Studio 195 from his work with Dead Stop, Restless Youth, Justice, True Colors and more.

Korneel Evers

Who played in a movie with Rutger Hauer, played Fluff Fest with his band and appeared on Dutch TV a bunch of times?


With the Revolution Continues double LP to to be released soon one of the most well known Dutch hardcore bands is back and still committed to communism.